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Rashelle Brown

Hello and welcome to my web site!

If you’re looking for a new approach to solving stubborn old problems, you’ve come to the right place.  My specialty is finding ways to help you reach your health and fitness goals, no matter how many times you might have failed before. 

If traditional exercise sessions with your trainer haven't delivered the results you were looking for, maybe it’s time to try a new approach.  I’ve spent years developing a comprehensive network of proven strategies that put your goals at the center of focus.  My philosophy puts you in control, and holds you accountable! 

Whether you’re looking for one-time fitness program design, intensive weight loss coaching or something in between, I can help you construct and implement a comprehensive plan that will assure your long-term success.  

This unique approach gives you access to my knowledge, a place to turn to for ongoing guidance, and a level of accountability you can't get from an online forum.  Above all, it gives you a personalized plan, tailored to your exact goals, at a price you can afford.

You decide how many sessions we have, how much feedback I give you and what level of coaching you require.  If one of my coaching or consulting packages sounds like a good fit for you, that’s great - we can get started right away!  But if you’re looking for something more uniquely tailored to your needs, contact me and let’s talk about setting up a program that’s perfect for you.

I look forward to hearing from you!



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Q: How do your prices compare with other personal trainers?

A: My prices are extremely competitive with all private personal trainers in the Twin Cities area. I have over five years of experience designing and implementing very individualized programs for individuals of all ages, sizes and ability levels. Additionally, I spend a great deal of time pursuing continuing education and staying abreast of the latest information in the fitness, nutrition and behavior modification fields. I offer a combination of expertise and experience that is hard to beat. But don't take my word for it, read a few of my Client Testimonials.

Q: Can I lose this fat around my stomach?

A: Yes. But only if you lose fat over your whole body. While you can "spot" build specific muscles with strength training, there is no such thing as "spot reduction". For most of us, genetics determine where we tend to accumulate fat - and there's no changing genetics. The good news is, with a pretty basic fitness and nutrition program, you can lose fat and build muscle tone over your whole body - including your stomach/hips/thighs - wherever your trouble spots are. Don't waste your money on gimmicky creams, wraps or pills either - they don't work - period! Water is the only thing you'll lose with them.

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Garrison Keillor"Rashelle is the perfect trainer, persistent but kind, smart about conditioning and also humorous, reliable and a lot of fun. She never makes you feel small for your failures. She's always upbeat. I always look forward to hearing from her in a way I never looked forward to exercise before."
- Garrison Keillor, Saint Paul

Diane Berthel"Two years ago I interviewed several personal trainers to help me prepare for a two week trek in Nepal. The others focused on looking “fabulous” at 60, but Rashelle spoke my language. She focused on being healthy and strong at 60 so I can continue to do the things I love. She is holistic, practical and a delight to work with. The day before my Nepal trek I fell through a sink hole in Kathmandu and rushed home for ankle surgery. Rashelle was one of my first calls. She talked with my physical therapist and within two weeks of surgery got me back on track. My surgeon suggested retiring my hiking boots. Since then, with her help, I have done two multi-day challenging treks in the Grand Canyon and am gearing up for Patagonia. Rashelle is my cheerleader, task master and my gateway to being that “fabulously healthy” 76 year-old on my last trek in the Canyon!"
-Diane Berthel

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